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I did it!!!!! Hallelujah! I think I have them working! Back in the… - Journals of the Called [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Called

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[Apr. 14th, 2004|10:47 pm]
The Called


I did it!!!!! Hallelujah! I think I have them working!

Back in the cavern I managed to get semi-useable functionality on the KIs... outgoing communications from the main terminal only. But I was reading through some of the documentation that the DRC left here in Gahreesehn, and I'm pretty sure that I managed to get the KI communication systems working! Funny story tho...

I link in, find the power already on... so I make my way to the second fortress (a trip that took an hour or two... I wish I wasn't so scared of this place) and find the documentation for the KI systems. So I find the panels that the diagrams tell me to find, and I start fiddling with the stuff... when I find out that to go any further, I'm gonna need a KI upgrade. HA! At this point... I laughed histerically at the irony of the situation: me, a neurotic spelunker who's afraid of things that are larger than she is, trying to be an engineer in an Age filled with giant buildings, life-threatening machinery, and loooooong falls.

I needed to go back to the main building.

So after an hour or so of pure anxious fear whilst making my way across the pinnacle, I finally get a new KI. Whee! It's shinier! The DRC must have found them in Zone II (an area to which I still haven't found a means of access. Where the hell are they hiding it?)

Back to the second building. This time taking just over a half an hour... I'm getting better at it.

I spent about a day or so in the second building... sleeping in the corridors (the only place where there weren't creepy maintainer's suits or buzzing imagers.)

By the next day... I had figured it out! Whoohoodeedoo!

So... if you make a trip over to Gahreesen when you get a chance... pick up a nice new shiney KI 2.0!

Oh, and I sent out a message... a simple Hello World. If you get your new KI and recieve it... let me know!

Now I'm gonna get the hell out of Gahreesehn. Toodaloo.